A Recovering Cynic

As a recovering cynic, I have a hard time taking some things at face value… or should I say some “types of people.”

So many people are driven by fame and celebrity status.  Even as a pastor, I bump into so many other “professional Christians” who vie for the limelight.  This probably sounds ludicrous, but pastors (like me) crowd into conventions and seminars to hear the “rock star” pastor tell us how his way of “doing church” will help the rest of us achieve celebrity status too (ok, maybe I have a little more growing to do in my cynicism).

And then, I heard a story about two-time scoring champ and NBA “megastar” Kevin Durant… and I was blown away.  Apparently, because the NBA season is still in a lockout, Mr. Durant is bored.  So bored that he accepted an invitation from a college kid to come and play in a flag football tournament.  Durant showed up at the college student’s house, loaded him in his car, and drove to the field to play an intramural game of flag football!

Just read the story at this link… you will be amazed too (I promise):


I’m following Durant on Twitter now (who knows, he might want to take a road trip to Idaho) because I will endorse anyone who will step down from a lofty position to mingle with ordinary people… come to think of it, that’s exactly why I find Jesus so fascinating.


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