Story Genius: Book Review


Anyone else tired of the barrage of emails with infomercials about writing a “best selling” book?  Me too.  Naturally, it all sounds so simple and easy.  Flip open your laptop and start pounding out the story buried deep in your brain (and heart… sniffle…).  If you think you have a great novel inside of you, please ignore the guys selling the “get rich writing a book” scheme.  The only ones getting rich are the guys selling the scheme.

On the other hand, if you really want to write and produce a good story, consider checking out Lisa Cron’s new book entitled Story Genius.  Cron is a little crass, but she makes solid points with her “colorful” language.

Her book opens with a discussion about the science of story.  As a big fan of story, I found what she had to say refreshing and interesting.  A lot of what is on the market surrounding the concept of story isn’t very insightful because too many people are crowding into that space.  Cron goes past cliche and really delves into something useful for writers.

Story Genius works for me because it combines good theory with practical application.  The last two thirds of the book include the steps needed to take advantage of story telling science.  Who knows, it may even help me finish writing that fable I have bouncing around in my mind!

If you want to write a solid fictional work, Cron’s book will help you get headed in the right direction.

Many books I read and review come directly from publishers. Please note, however, that I am not paid to review any of these books, and that everything I say about a book is my own opinion.


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