We Stood Upon Stars: Book Review

We Stood Upon Stars


Some things in life sneak up on you.  Not all of those moments are good.  However, if you aren’t open to learning something new, you will miss a lot of beautiful and rewarding moments.

When I opened Roger Thompson’s book, We Stood Upon Stars: Finding God in Lost Places, I was lost in wonder (and yes, that sounds a little sappy coming from me, but this book hit me at the right moment in life).

If the book had been sold to me as a “guide for men,” or as a “spiritual quest” for Christians, I would have steered clear.  A lot of those kinds of books are the same, and I’ve read too many to count.  Ironically, this book is exactly a spiritual quest for men… and I loved all of it.

I think I enjoyed the book because the author shares some of my passions.  Thompson loves travel (especially in National Parks), motorcycles and a few other things I enjoy – it almost felt like hearing from an old friend.  Like me, he isn’t a “handyman” and he articulates the same insecurity I have around not being mechanical.  The author is able to take his insecurities and make sense out of them a way that speaks to me… and I was really inspired by the end of the book.

If you’re serious about getting more out of life… you should go get a copy of this book today – and then get in touch with me to compare notes!

Many books I read and review come directly from publishers. Please note, however, that I am not paid to review any of these books, and that everything I say about a book is my own opinion.


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