Portrait Revolution: Book Review

Capturing someone’s image on a sheet of drawing paper is no simple task.  You can either capture a likeness or not.  Good portraits should be more than an exercise in skill… the real “magic” happens when a soul comes through the artwork.

My middle child (she’s 16) is growing in her skills as a portrait artist.  She is growing in her skill every year.  So, I decided to order the book Portrait Revolution for her to add to her collection of art books.  Every artist needs to study other artists with skills beyond their own.  Portrait Revolution is filled with new ideas and techniques for her (and other budding artists) to grow her skills.


Just about every medium is represented in the book, and the tips and techniques are useful – especially for those with a love of portraits.

Shameless plug… my daughter is finishing up some of her portraits to start her own “business” this summer.  She wants to draw YOUR portrait.  As you can see from the few I’m posting here… she’s really good.

Ask your millennial who the people in the portraits are… they will recognize them right away!

Email me, jshanselman@gmail.com, and use “Portrait Revolution” in the subject line of your email, and she will draw your favorite person’s portrait (or even your portrait) for $20.  She normally charges $35, but you can be one of the first people to help her get launched in her career as an artist.

Remember, email me right now and get your $20 portrait!

Many books I read and review come directly from publishers. Please note, however, that I am not paid to review any of these books, and that everything I say about a book is my own opinion.


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