“Every life is a story. Whether it is a story worth telling and talking about, though, is up to you. People set out with grand dreams of changing the world, falling in love, doing something amazing. But the drift toward the merely acceptable happens almost without notice (D. Miller).” As a father of three, and husband to a remarkable woman, I want to live a compelling story… and live it well.


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  2. Hi,
    Thank you for reviewing my book, Performing Under Pressure. The reason for the evolutionary perspective is that it provides revelations as to why people “feel the heat” and also explains the function of pressure and how it differs from stress. It provides a theoretical narrative, although I realize most people just want the quick fix. Quite frankly, I could of written most of the other “advice psychology books” you review but their topics are simply more of the same and are for the most part, a collection of information that has been going around for the last ten years. In other words, there is little academic credibility –this is especially true for the wave of “habit” books.
    Anyway, thanks for taking the time for reading it and it sounds like you found it very useful. And remember, the next time you feel you are in a “do or die” situation, you are experiencing a “primal pressure reaction.” Take care,
    dr. hank

    • I understand the theoretical nature of the narrative… but it has nothing to do with a “quick fix” for me. Instead, I believe all of those chemical coursing through us are there by design. I know that will sound naïve to most, but I just don’t want anyone to excuse their bad behavior on a chemical reaction. No, you don’t suggest that… but some will “go there.” Anyway, I enjoyed the book and found most of it useful.



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