People of the Second Chance: Book Review


Everyone has a story… and it matters… a lot.

Mike Foster’s new book: People of the Second Chance was a great reminder about the power of story.  Without spoiling the content, Mike reveals a troubling story from his past… and I was captivated by his response to it.  Like most of us, Foster explains how we believe the lies we tell ourselves about our most shameful stories.  We either minimize the damage, or we allow ourselves to define ourselves by our shame.

Half way through the book, I found myself thinking differently about my past mistakes and the shameful secrets I allow to shape my current story.  What do I need?  The same thing most of us crave: a second chance.

I’ll admit, some of what Mike does is kind of quirky and even corny.  At the same time, it’s genuine.  The core content of the book is solid.  Sometimes we just need a reminder that we’re valuable, loved and everything about our past mistakes is redeemable.

Need something that will make you think and provide a deep sense of encouragement – get a copy of this book.

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